Our mission

The Sakhalin taimen - pride of our nature, a symbol of protection of water ecosystems and bioresources, a valuable component of sustainable development of the region. Our mission - to increase knowledge and to involve people in studying, restoration and preservation of populations of this unique fish.


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Catch-and-release principal

Gennady Yuryevich Zharkov, President of the Noncommercial  Partnership “Russian Salmon” about the catch-and-release principle:

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Simpatry of Sakhalin and Siberian taimens

The rivers of Sakhalin Northwest - the only thing in the world the place of simpatry Sakhalin and Siberian taimens.

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National names

The Sakhalin Ainu called the Sakhalin taimen of "Chirai", Hokkaido - "Obirame", Nivkhs - "Goy", Japanese - "Ito".

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Court for catch of 23 taimens

There was a message about the trial of the resident of Sakhalin who caught 23 Sakhalin taimens , fall of 2018  in the lake Tunaicha which took place in Korsakov.

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For "Red Book" species will add prison term

The bill of toughening of punishment for illegal catch and turn of especially valuable species of the wild animals and water bioresources included in the Red List is introduced to the State Duma.

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Mikhail Skopets's seminars

This winter ichthyologist, specialist in sports fishing and fishing tourism Mikhail Skopets holds seminars on "Taimens: biology, catching, protection". Seminars are intended for the tour operators offering fishing tours, guides and also for all fans of catching on artificial fly.

Seminars take place with assistance of Russian Salmon non-profit

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