Other taimens

Hucho hucho (Linnaeus, 1758) - Danube taimen - En B2ab (ii, iii) (Freyhof, Kottelat, 2008

Hucho taimen (Pallas, 1773) - Siberian, common taimen - Vu A2bcd (Hogan, Jensen, 2012)

Hucho bleekery (Kimura, 1934) - Sychuan taimen - Cr A2cd (Song, 2012)

Hucho ishikawae (Mori, 1928) - Korean taimen - DD (Rand, 2012)

Table of meristic (calculating) signs of five species of taymens:

squ – number of cross rows of scales;

ll – number scales in a sideline;

sp. br. – number of branchiate stamens;

r. br. – number of branchiate beams;

p. c. – number of piloric appendages;

vert. – number of vertebras;

D - number of beams in a dorsal fin;

A - number of beams in an anal fin.

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