Eighth release of juveniles


According to the Sakhalin branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavrybvod, the next release of the Sakhalin taimen was held in the Komissarovka River.

Sakhalin taimen - endemic to the Far East, belongs to the number of vulnerable Red Book species. Given the low rate of natural reproduction and the importance of preserving Sakhalin taimen populations, the Sakhalin branch of the Glavrybvod FSBI, annually since 2012, as part of a production program aimed at maintaining the number of Sakhalin taimen in the Lake Tunaicha basin, has been conducting targeted work to restore populations of this species.

So on July 9, 2020, the 8th release of juveniles of this unique fish took place. Specialists of the Sakhalin branch of the Glavrybvod Federal State Budgetary Institution in the presence of representatives of the Office of Rosprirodnadzor in the Sakhalin Region, the Sakhalin-Kuril Territorial Administration of the Federal Fisheries Agency, the Sakhalin branch of the FSBNU VNIRO and the State Budgetary Institution "Animal Disease Control Station No. 7" released 18,808 two years of Sakhalin taimen.

The process of growing taimen is carried out at the Okhotsk LRZ, where a new generation of Sakhalin taimen, which were laid for incubation in May this year, is growing to replace the released juveniles.