Russian Salmon Association


The updated and strengthened Association "Russian Salmon" launched an unique Internet project "Salmon Map of Russia"  dedicated to the salmon family.

The new resource is a universal Internet encyclopedia, which contains complete information about all species of salmon living in Russia, including Sakhalin taimen

The map has a convenient and understandable interface: users can find on it information about the habitats of all 47 species of salmon fish in Russia: from Atlantic salmon in the Murmansk region to nerka and masou in the Far East. For each of the species there is an illustration and deion, which was prepared by partners of the Association from specialized institutes.

At the first stage, the project has an information function, but in the near future the functionality of the map will be expanded. In particular, the following user capabilities will be added:

1 - placement of photos and videos by amateur fishermen;

2 - the opportunity to communicate and share impressions;

3 - fixing the results of fishing - of course on the principle of "caught-release".

With the help of the Salmon Map fishermen will be able to exchange experience, share their impressions of fishing, while studying the whole variety of salmon. One of its main missions the Association sees the construction of a new community of people who are not indifferent to nature and their passion, which will promote the principles of civilized fishing and protect the national heritage of Russia.