Report of E. I. Barabanschchikov


X readings of the memory of prof. V. Ya. Levanidov was held in Vladivostok. One of the reports was presented by the head of the laboratory of biological resources of continental reservoirs and fish of estuarine systems of the Pacific branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution VNIRO (TINRO). Here is the conclusion from this report:

Sakhalin Taimen became a banal object in the implementation of amateur and traditional fishing of other salmon and non-salmon species of fish in the rivers of northeastern Primorye (grayling, lenok and Far Eastern redheads-ugai), became constant in the catches of the local population with the targeted extraction of Pacific salmon and char (species of the genus Salvelinus). In other words, the tendency to increase its number in qualitative and quantitative terms compared to the medium-term retrospective is obvious.

Thus, at preservation of the developed mode of protection and actual observed growth of responsibility of participants of fishery from the civilian population and professional fishing community, the Sakhalin taimen in water objects of a northeast part of Primorsky Krai can reach restoration of number to the traditional level observed in XX century within the next 10-15 years, and even to exceed him. At the same time northern groups (populations) of a taimen can serve as donors for groups of the southern part of an area in Primorsky Krai.

Presentation (Rus)