About taimen by Zhivotovsky's eyes


Lev Anatolyevich Zhivotovsky published another book, autobiography "Your Footprints on the Landscapes of Science." The chapter "Geography + ecology + genetics" is devoted to the project of developing ecological and geographical units (EGU) using the example of Sakhalin taimen populations.

There is also a small passage about the only blocked taimen population in the Russian part of the range:

 "90-year blockade of Sakhalin taimen

 It is not only millennia of isolation that can lead to a drop in the genetic diversity of the population - even in a few decades, this phenomenon can become noticeable. In the 1920s, the Tuy River in southwestern Sakhalin was blocked in the lower reaches by a soil dam, forming a lake called Taynoe. The Sakhalin taimen living in this lake turned out to be cut off from the rest of the range: to slide down, beyond the dam and further into the sea, the fish could, but return migrations to the lake became impossible.

According to the stories of old-timers, three decades ago, large individuals were still found in the Taynoe, but in the time of troubles, the taimen here was subjected to such a strong poaching press that already in the 2000s, local residents believed that it had disappeared.

In 2012, in the course of studying the populations of the Sakhalin taimen, we found some juveniles in Lake Taynoe, from which it followed that mature individuals were still there, but - according to genetic estimates - in such a meager number that local fishermen no longer noticed them. "