What is "Amur taimen"?


On the western coast of Sakhalin often you can hear from amateur fishers that here also some "Amur" taimen meets, and it not Red Book Sakhalin and therefore he can be caught. Allegedly a shape of body at it another. Actually it is self-justification attempts, people just don't want to lose peace of mind and repeat inventions. In the same way with "podkamenka" - nobody wants to recognize it as masu's juveniles. Actually a taimen at the same time can be at different stages of the life cycles and on different degrees of feeding, their fatness depends on it.

  In some rivers of northwest Sakhalin flowing into Amur Liman the Siberian, or common taimen Hucho taimen Pallas, 1773 meets. He differs from Sakhalin in smaller scales and coloring. The Sakhalin populations of the Siberian taimen are included in the new edition of the Red List of the Russian Federation, that is all bans also extend to it in the Sakhalin region.