Poster at the Karelian conference


The international conference "Salmonid: biology, protection and reproduction" (18.09 - 9/22/2017, Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia) has just ended.

On a poster session our poster "Action plan for Sakhalin taimen conservation" was represented by Oleg Nikolaevich Zelennikov (The St. Petersburg university). He has made the report Zelennikov O. V., Myakishev M. S., Kiselyov V. A., Anoshkin V. V., Kelyashov I.A. Pogodin V. P. "Masu's reproduction at hatcheries in the Sakhalin region". Theses of the Karelian conference are posted on her website, in the collection our report on pages 96-97.

According to O.N. Zelennikov, everything has passed ideally, just great, practically all participants of very representative conference watched a poster, many asked questions.

Now it is possible to think of drawing up and the adoption of Strategy of conservation of ST at the federal level.