Age of maturing


The important characteristic influencing viability of populations of Sakhalin taimen is the age of maturing and the first spawning of individuals.

In the rivers of Hokkaido island the Sakhalin taimen ripens in 4-6 years with a length of 40-70 cm, in the rivers of Primorye - with a length not less than 75 cm, at the age of 8-10 full years. In the lake Ainu according to 70-80 cm, 3-6 kg of weight, at the age of 6-7 years. In the north of Sakhalin average age of achievement by puberty taimen – 10-11 years. Males begin to ripen for a year before females. In the rivers of Northern Primorye adult females spawn every two years; only 25-30% of mature producers participate in reproduction.