Ecologists are concerned by scales of illegal trade on the Nabil’ Rive


The public organization "Sakhalin Environment Watch" has conducted raid on protection of disappearing Sakhalin taimen in the Nabil' River and the gulf of the same name in Nogliksky district. The field group of activists on the inflatable motor boat surveyed the southern part of the Nabilsky gulf and the lower current of the Nabil and Vazi Rivers.

 Results are extremely disturbing — the Nabil' River near its branched delta is literally larded by the illegal nets focused first of all on catch of Sakhalin taimen what both the large size of cell, and considerable thickness of net's material speaks about. In several places Nabil's course has been partitioned from the coast to the coast; nets stood as well in the gulf.

 Completely the text with photos is placed here.