About compensation actions


 Meeting on the consolidated position of holding compensation actions has taken place in SakhNIRO.

 In recent years experts managed to develop a uniform position regarding priority of choice of reproduced water biological resource when performing compensation actions. Compensation of damage of VBR and the environment of their dwelling (harm compensation) has to be directed, first of all, to preservation and restoration of WBR populations, and only then to maintenance of trade populations. But in connection with the Sakhalinrybvod broadcast in Glavrybvod the policy of transfer of funds for reproduction only of chum salmon began to be pursued again.

At a meeting have decided to return to the position coordinated earlier, and moreover – to add to the list of the objects of Sakhalin taimen recommended for restoration.

 Makeev S. S. has acted. (The Aniva department of Sakhalin Branch of Glavrybvod) representing Working expert group on a biodiversity at Ecological Council of Sakhalin region.

The section on development of Regional program of Sakhalin taimen conservation is at the moment created. According to the corresponding Strategy, one of the major basic directions is artificial reproduction of this endangered species of family salmon. Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi) is included in the Red Books of Russian Federation, Sakhalin region and Primorsky Krai and also in the IUCN Red List and the List of especially valuable species of fauna. It everywhere moves in situations of growing anthropogenic pressure to total disappearance.

Rybvod's experts together with LLC Salmo on the Okhotsk hatchery under control of  Sakhalin management of Rosprirodnadzor are engaged in reproduction of taimen. To the rivers of basin of the lake of Tunaicha the sixth release of juveniles will be already made this summer. It is simple to make methodical indications and fish-breeding standards for reproduction of this species for introduction on other hatcheries of any form of ownership. Researches of population and genetic structure of species have established the prospects of restoration of the disappeared populations by nature protection movements of juveniles in the allocated units of species conservation (large clusters of populations), taking into account ecological forms of taimen (anadromous, river or lake-lagoon). These clusters in the territory of the island only 4: West, South, Northeast and Poronay. So, for example, the juveniles which are grown up on hatchery of the lake Tunaicha basin it is possible put to watersheds  of Vavay-Chibisan lake system and Busse lagoon. If at 4 hatcheries in the respective regions to contain taimen stocks, to receive juveniles and to regularly make releases on the developed scheme, it is possible to lay the base of species restoration. Certainly at the same time it is necessary to adjust protection of populations and monitoring of the let-out juveniles in places of release.

But yet there are even no minimum funds for these works, and that small that becomes, depends only on enthusiasm of employees of Rybvod and LLC Salmo.

 Therefore we insist on inclusion of  Sakhalin taimen in the list of objects for restoration of populations for the conservation of biodiversity at compensation of harm to water biological resources. Moreover we suggest to ask Rosrybolovstvo about inclusion of works on reproduction of the Sakhalin taimen in the list of services of the Federation Council of Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavrybvod in the governmental task. It agrees approved by the Order of Rosrybolovstvo No. 544 from 08.09.2017. To the charter of Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavrybvod of one of main objectives of establishment is:

"… 2.3.2. Artificial reproduction of water biological resources, including especially valuable and being under the threat of disappearance water bioresources …".