Report of Sakhalin Taimen Conservation Section on the REG 05.25.2018


21th meeting of Working Expert Group on biodiversity of Interdepartmental Ecological Council of Sakhalin region have taken place in the Small Hall of Administration of Sakhalin region.

In the agenda among other things was: "Section on conservation of Sakhalin taimen: information on the current activity; main structure of section; plan of work for 2018".

Some days before it in SakhNIRO the third meeting of section on preservation of ST is held, and literally in day of holding a meeting of REG visits are paid to the deputy minister of MPR of the Sakhalin region Vanichkin V. V. and the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma G.A. Karlov – to Romanov A. G.

Substantial part of the Regional program for ST conservation is developed long ago, so far is unclear who can become responsible for her execution. It is offered to include it as the subprogram in the existing program of the Ministry of forest and hunting economy. There is also an arrangement to address in Russian Federation MPR with the offer on creation of National strategy of ST conservation.

The presentation presented at REG meeting 5.25.2018.