Question to Putin


The question is sent to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the Jine 5 - World Environment Day via the website of "Straight line".

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! It is well known about your relation to preservation our remarkable large cat's - to the Amur tiger and leopard. With your support they became the peculiar "umbrella" protecting all taiga in Primorye. We on the island of Sakhalin have no such animals, but we are the center of an area of the unique representative of salmon family - the Sakhalin taimen. It is ours "a river tiger", a live symbol of all water ecosystems, potentially valuable component of sustainable development of the region. But over it hangs  the threat of full destruction, first of all poachers therefore we try to develop the program of his restoration and preservation. We ask you to support us in it!