Wild ID Program


The Wild Salmon Center has suggested to begin the program of studying of populations of the Siberian taimen in the key rivers of Far East (Tugur, Bichi, Pilda, Koppi) with use of modern technologies of tracking of individual animals for a long time.

Use of the computer Wild ID program which with success is applied to recognition of individuals of the most various animals is planned. Each taimen has a unique individual code – an arrangement of spots on a branchiate cover and in a forward part of a body. If to receive photos of fishes from the listed rivers and to process them by means of the Wild ID program, it is possible to count on obtaining much-needed information on the populations of a taimen living here.


There were data that the specified Wild ID program is suitable for work with populations of a taimen. The employee of  WSC Matthew Sloat has processed photos taimens, caught and released here in the fall of 2017. It has become clear that the taimen about 1 m long caught on October 19 and 21 - the same individual.

 It is planned to carry out this work together with travel agencies and fishing guides who work at the specified rivers. For this purpose it is necessary to provide guides with the digital cameras protected from water. For interest in participation in this program the small cash bonus for everyone the photographed taimen is provided. Together with fish the special card in which guides will enter previously the following information will be placed in a shot: date, length of fish, grasp of a body of fish, name and surname of the guide. Cards are a convenient way of storage of information collected by guides and also the best way of identification of pictures taimens.

In Russia this program is advanced by Mikhail Skopets, he is sure that her it is possible and it is necessary to apply also to the Sakhalin taimen.