Siberian taimen on Tugur river


According to Mikhail Skopets fishing expedition has conducted on Tugur. They have caught 45 Siberian taimens up to 27 kilograms four together in 3 days, but normally it wasn't succeeded to work: rains and high flood have expelled for 10 days before term. All materials will be processed through FishID.  

Fishers are thrown with helicopter on recreation lodge Konin and on motor boats move on fishing sites with a total length up to 300 km on the Tugur, Konin and Munikan Rivers.

It is interesting that in June, 2018 repeatedly 3 fish from what was marked tags like "spaghetti" 10 years ago have been hooked here. All of them have during this time grown approximately by 40 cm, that is growth of a taimen was very bad. Annual gains it is much less, than it can be calculated from determination of age on scales - 7-10 cm. There is a question: Whether this decrease in growth is caused by tagging?...

By the way, the record taimen, the approved International Game Fish Association (IGFA as a new world record for fishing of taimen by flyfishing has been caught here. On June 27, 2017 this fish was hooked by Guido Rahr III, president of Wild Salmon Center.   Weight of record fish is 32,26 kg, length is 147 cm, girth is 70 cm.

It is known that fly-fishers around the world make a powerful nature protection lobby. We will hope, they will support efforts on studying and conservation of  Sakhalin taimen.