Working expert group on a biodiversity


WEG BD protocol from 5.19.2017

Excerpt from the protocol of this action:

 Have heard on the first question "Questions of Conservation of the Sakhalin Taimen (Results of Researches, Prospects and Problems)":

 - V.S. Labay's performance, PhD, leading researcher of laboratory of hydrobiology of scientific research institute of the advancing development of SahGU (appendix No. 1);

- performance of T.V. Zvezdov, leading expert on environment preservation of the Sakhalin Energy company (appendix No. 2);

- performance of R.V. Turchin, head of environment preservation departament of LLC RN-Sakhalinmorneftegaz;

 - performance of S.S. Makeev, chief of  Aniva department of ichthyology of Federal State Budgetary Institution Sakhalinrybvod (appendix No. 3);

 Have taken part in discussion: D.V. Lisitsyn, N.K. Zavarzina, N.A. Tsarenko, A.D. Samatov, L.V. Kirillova, Peter van der Wolfe, E.G. Chernyavskaya.

  After numerous changes the final text of the decision on the first question became such:

 1. To take into consideration the provided information.

2. To support activity of oil and gas extraction companies "Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd", LLC Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, LLC RN-Sakhalinmorneftegaz on monitoring and conservation of Sakhalin taimen on Sakhalin.

3. To consider at the regular (autumn) meeting of WEG BD structure of the comprehensive program on studying and preservation of Sakhalin taimen within the Strategy of the conservation of biodiversity of the Sakhalin region.

4. To recommend to the companies to present results of monitoring of Sakhalin taimen to Rosprirodnadzor for making decision on strengthening of protection of this view of territories of Sakhalin region.

5. To recommend to the Ministry of forest and hunting economy of the Sakhalin region to consider the possibility of inclusion in the new Scheme of development and placement of Reserve territories of regional value of the Sakhalin region until 2030 creation of Reserve territory:

In the territory of the Nabil' River basin and Nabilsky gulf in Nogliksky district for preservation of one of the most valuable and threatened populations of Sakhalin taimen in the Sakhalin region.