Responsibility for sale of valuable wild animals is toughened


The federal  law of June 27 "About introduction of amendments to the Criminal Code of  Russian Federation and the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russian Federation" has made amendments which concern improvement and strengthening of criminal liability for a number of ecological crimes. It is about illegal production and a turn of the water bioresources and wild animals included in the Red List of Russia.

In particular, structures of such crimes as illegal hunting, illegal fishing (catch) of water bioresources, violation of the law about the continental shelf and about an exclusive economic zone of Russia (article 253 Criminal Code of  Russian Federation) are specified.

Sizes and order of calculation of large and especially large damage to the purposes of prosecution for illegal hunting (article 258 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) are established, namely — the damage estimated on the dachshunds approved by the Government of the Russian Federation and a technique, exceeding forty thousand rubles, especially large — hundred twenty thousand rubles is recognized as large damage.

Criminal liability for illegal acquisition or sale through media or the Internet of especially valuable wild animals and water bioresources included in the Red List of Russia and (or) protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation, their parts and derivatives  (article 258.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is imposed.