Natural park will be!


Sergey Makeev and Mikhail Skopets visited the deputy minister of forest and hunting economy of the Sakhalin region Dudarev D. V. At a meeting there was also a head of department of OOPT Chernyavskaya E.G.

They told was taken the firm decision on creation of the natural park of regional value "Lake Ainu". Comprehensive examination of the territory around the lake is recently finished, zoning options, the environmental management regulation mode are developed.

Corresponding changes will be made to the Scheme of development of Sakhalin OOPT, the Governor Resolution will be prepared. Experts offered the help in drawing up local rules of fishery. The matter is that at a high probability of catch of  Red Book taimen, it is necessary to impose a total ban on use of tees and natural nozzles. When using unary hooks, artificial baits and the correct use of the principle "caught-release", mortality of the let-out fishes is minimum. Moreover, it is possible to achieve permission of Rosprirodnadzor to application of "C-&-R" and FishID for the purpose of monitoring of taimen population. But for development of such fishing it is necessary to hold special seminars for guides and tour operators, even to introduce some certification of travel agencies. On the site adjacent to the park, probably, it will be necessary to plan creation a visit center, the help of experts is also offered.

There is also an intention about creation of the similar natural park with zoning and in the territory of the existing nature sanctuary "Busse's Lagoon". But projects of salmon refuges on the Dagi and Nabil Rivers, according to the management of Minles, are impracticable.