Mikhail Skopets's seminars


This winter ichthyologist, specialist in sports fishing and fishing tourism Mikhail Skopets holds seminars on "Taimens: biology, catching, protection". Seminars are intended for the tour operators offering fishing tours, guides and also for all fans of catching on artificial fly.

Seminars take place with assistance of Russian Salmon non-profit partnership.


The first seminar took place on February 9 in Khabarovsk, two more were carried out in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on February 15 and 16. The total number of listeners was 25 people.

On February 24 one more similar seminar in Blagoveshchensk will be held.

The main idea of seminars – flyfishing development with application “caught-release" principle does not harm populations taimens, and on the contrary, helps to draw attention to their conservation.

Taimen – a freshwater tiger. Adult fish in the nature has no enemies, except the people, and it can live several decades. As well as tigers in the taiga taimens in the river cannot be much – the large predator needs a lot of forage. The only opportunity to keep this beautiful fish – it is obligatory to release it! If you were lucky to catch a taimen, release this rare fish!

That catch did not affect health of river predator, it is necessary to carry out some simple rules:

  1. Try to tire not too fish at catching. For this purpose it is desirable to use a strong fishing line and the solid size hooks.
  2. Having brought fish to the coast, take it with subnet or bring to the spit. The taimen which appeared in shallow water it is simple to hold hands, having grabbed with one by a tail, and another having held the head. It is not necessary to pull out taimen on the coast and the more so to allow it to fight on stones.
  3. Keeping fish in water, ask your companion to prepare the camera. At photography you keep your trophy in the river, only for seconds lifting it from water. If you fish alone, will help out the camera having the automatic release mode with a delay.
  4. Before release it is necessary to take fish for a tail, having directed it the head against the current. Rockings will help fish to oxygenate a gill backwards-forward, and it will be able quicker to recover. Before letting go fish, it is necessary to be convinced that the taimen recovered from a stress, can keep balance and it is ready to departure back home.