New tenders for creating of refuges


Ministry of forest and hunting economy of Sakhalin region posted on the website of state procurements tenders for comprehensive ecological examination of four rivers at once: Makarovka with tributory Victoria, Pilenga, Bogataya and Langeri in the lower current. The cost of works on each river should not exceed 1.5 million rubles. The electronic auction will take place on May 16, and works have to be performed till November 15. After failure with wildlife area "Nabilsky" and nature sanctuary "Dagi River" (total area about 200000 hectares), creation of four refuges in the form of wildlife areas of regional value with a total area of 14582 hectares is possible.

The performer of contracts should describe location of borders of the designed wildlife areas; to determine coordinates of characteristic points of borders in the system of coordinates used for maintaining the unified state register of the real estate; to study natural features of the designed wildlife areas; to estimate their recreational potential; admissibility and possibility of use in the recreational purposes; to develop recommendations about functioning of the designed wildlife areas; to prove giving of the surveyed territory of the status of especially protected natural territory of regional value to them; to make cartographic materials with use of GIS technologies.