Salmon Game


The Sakhalin regional public organization Bumerang Club developed and made a series of board local history games ("Zoo-pathfinder", "Sea friends", "Reserved territories", "The Sakhalin geographical lotto", "Hide-and-seek with animals" and others). Among them the game "Reach Spawning" published with support of Wild Salmon Center is popular. She reminds the similar game created in Oregon at the beginning of the 2000th years, we then brought several sets and one of them transferred to Bumerang.

The output data specified on a box with a game: Mezentseva V., Nefedova E., Lomova Ya. – originators, 2018; Spencer K., Koshkin A.. – illustrators; Mukhametkhanova N. is a designer. The scientific consultant – Novokreschenykh S. V., the expert of SakhNIRO. Circulation 500.

Recently with our volunteers from the 7th class of the Aniva school No. 2 we tested a game, and it was pleasant to us. At adaptation the big block of original information in the form of so-called "Fact Cards" was added. In total such cards 108, from them 5 are devoted to the Sakhalin taimen (ST).

  1. The main differences of ST from other salmons – spring spawning and longevity. The age of a taimen can exceed 25 years.
  2. The registered ST sizes – about 1.5 m weighing 25-30 kg.
  3. ST very slowly grows and in 5 years reaches length only 40 cm. Since this age it can make annual summer migrations for food in the sea.
  4. The fertility of ST fluctuates from 6 to 76 thousand eggs.
  5. Development of the industry leads to reduction suitable for reproduction and dwelling of a taimen of places and to water deterioration. It is one of the reasons why ST is included in the Red Book of Russia and the International Red List as the species which is under the threat of extinction.