Atlas of Salmonid of Russia

    The Association of Supporters of the Conservation of Salmon Fish Species "Russian Salmon" announced the creation of the "Atlas of Salmonid of Russia."

    Protection of taimen on the Crillon Peninsula

    Preparations are underway for security measures by Sakhalin-Krillon LLC on the Moguchi and Ulyanovka rivers (Crillon Peninsula).

    About taimen by Zhivotovsky's eyes

    Lev Anatolyevich Zhivotovsky published another book, autobiography "Your Footprints on the Landscapes of Science." The chapter "Geography + ecology + genetics" is devoted to the project of developing ecological and geographical units (EGU) using the example of Sakhalin taimen populations.

    Matthew Sloat's article

    The American Fisheries Society published Matthew Sloat's article " What the Taimen Said: An Urgent Call for Conservation of the World’s Largest Salmonids".

    Article of status taimen in Primorye

    An article Barabanschikov E. I., Nazarov V. A., Prozorova L. A. 2023. Preliminary assessment of the condition of  Sakhalin taimen Parahucho perryi (Brevoort, 1856) in Primorsky Krai was published in the journal Biota and the Environment of Natural Areas

    Article on the monograph

    The publishing house of Vladivostok State University VVSU published a large collective monograph "Environmental Research in the Far East of Russia. History and modernity".

    Fantastic Freshwater

    The report “Fantastic Freshwater: 50 Landmark Species for Conservation” was published on May 22, 2022 in honor of World Biodiversity Day.

    Report of E. I. Barabanschchikov

    X readings of the memory of prof. V. Ya. Levanidov was held in Vladivostok.

    One more about stand on the Tunaycha Lake

    We have already reported on a stand dedicated to the Sakhalin taimen, installed on the shores of Lake Tunaycha.

    Poachers on the Tunaicha Lake

    In December 2022, the Border Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the Sakhalin Region in the water area of ​ ​  Tunaicha Lake stopped the illegal extraction of especially valuable aquatic biological resources by 5 persons who caught 17 copies of taimen, with a total weight of more than 50 kg.

    New article of Chinese genetics

    A new article by Chinese geneticists has been published which presents the phylogeny of salmon fish based on the analysis of mitochondrial genomes.

    Article in the Sakhalin Museum Bulletin

    The last issue of the Sakhalin Museum Bulletin in the past year is ready for publication, which contains an article by Sergei Makeev "On the Sakhalin Taimen Conservation Strategy".

    Winter raid on Nabil

    Dmitriy Lisitsin informes: We are returned from  anti-poaching raid  in the north-east of Sakhalin, checked the Nabil Bay of the Okhotsk Sea of ​ ​ and the Nabil and Vazi rivers flowing into it.


    On July 23, 2022, Resolution No. 1322 of the Government of the Russian Federation "Dachshunds for calculating the amount of harm caused to water biological resources listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation" was issued.

    Responce letter of RF MNR

    response letter to the appeal sent a month ago to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation came

    Stand in Terney

    On the territory of the research center of the ANO "Wildlife  Conservation Society" (WCS) there is a stand on rare species of animals and plants found in the Terney region.

    Conference in Vladivostok

    The International Ecological Forum "Conservation of Biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region: 50 Years of the UNESCO Program Man and the Biosphere (MAB) " and in its framework the V Environmental Conference" Actual Problems of the Ecology of the Far East (in memory of Professor B. V. Preobrazhensky) " was held in Vladivostok back at the end of March.

    Stand about Sakhalin Taimen

    The Boomerang Club opened an ecological and educational complex on the coast of Lake Tunaycha (Solnechny beach, p. Okhotsk) with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

    Sakhalin's men more often released taimens

    A story appeared in the news about a Sakhalin man who caught and released the Sakhalin taimen. It is nice that other readers are positive about this.

    New Reserve Territory creating in the Sakhalin

    On Lake Ainsky, located near Krasnogorsk, they want to reserve a land plot to create a specially protected natural area of ​ ​ regional significance and thereby limit economic activity on it.

    Siberian taimen in Ussuri River

    A huge Siberian taimen weighing 28 kg was caught in the middle reaches of Iman (Big Ussurka).

    Red Book of Russian Federation

    One of the latest versions of the Red Book of Russian Federation, Animals, became available. Pages 330-334 are dedicated to the Siberian and Sakhalin taimens.

    Results of "Fishing" operation

    Sakhalin police published data on the results of the operation "Fishing".

    Taimens of the Khabarovsk Territory

    The popular science publication from the series "Pearls of our Nature" was published in Khabarovsk. The authorship of the book belongs to the famous fish biologist Sergey F. Zolotukhin, this is already his 14th book.

    No dead of taimen on the Sakhalin

    The question was asked In Sakhalin fishing groups: "No one noticed dead taimens in the rivers and lakes of South Sakhalin without visible damage?"

    Death of Ito in Hokkaido

    Many dead bodies of the endangered large fish Ito, also known as "phantom fish," have been found in rivers in the Soya region of northern Hokkaido this summer.

    A resident of Krasnopol’e illegally caught five individuals of taimen

    The man deliberately arrived at the Belinskaya River and with the help of a telescopic fishing rod caught 5 individuals of taimen - fish listed in the Red Book of Russia.

    Taimen in the Tatar Strait

    A member of the Fly group caught and released  Sakhalin taimen in the Tatar Strait near the Ilyinskoye village.

    Langry River

    Sergey Serebryakov took part in a fishing expedition to the Langry River.

    More and more Sakhalin residents are releasing the taimen

    There are reports that more and more Sakhalin residents are releasing the young taimen accidentally caught on the fishing rod.

    Biggest fishes of Siberian Taimen

    In the journal  "Fishery Economy" No. 1. 2021, an article was published by Khabarovsk ichthyologist S. F. Zolotukhin and member of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Salmon Association I. V.  Shcherbovich about record fishes of Siberian taimen  in the Tugur river.

    One more paper about taimen

    The authoritative journal Environ Biol Fish published a large article by Michio Fukushima and Peter Rand High rates of conservative spawning and precision homing in Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi).

    New materials of Russian Salmon Association

    The Russian Salmon Association together with the Wild Salmon Center  has released and distributes new materials on the catch-and-release principle.

    June Taimens of Mikhail Skopets

    The publication "June Taimens" is published on the website of Mikhail Skopets, a famous ichthyologist and flyfisher from Khabarovsk.

    Russian Salmon Association

    The updated and strengthened Association "Russian Salmon" launched an unique Internet project "Salmon Map of Russia"  dedicated to the salmon family.

    V. P. Bushuev died

    Valery Pavlovich Bushuev died (1950-2020).

    He was a very versatile scientist and teacher. In the late 1970s was engaged in the study of Sakhalin taimen of the Kievka River (South Primorye).

    New paper of eDNA method

    A new article on the use of the latest ecoDNA method to study the distribution of Sakhalin taimen was published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

    Website is running again!

    After a significant break, access to the Sakhalin Taimen in the 21st Century website was reopened. Congratulations to all lovers of this beautiful fish!

    Eighth release of juveniles

    According to the Sakhalin branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavrybvod, the next release of the Sakhalin taimen was held in the Komissarovka River.

    Message on the website of the Sakhalin branch of FSBI Glavrybvod

    The following message appeared on the website of the Sakhalin branch of the FSBI Glavrybvod.

    New book by Mikhail Skopetz

    New book by Mikhail Skopetz "Salmon Fish of the Far East of Russia" was published.

    Our Native Fishes

    There is a popular group called “Our Native Fishes” on the Facebook.

    Ministry of Justice registered of List red book animals

    The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered on April 2 the Order of the Ministry of natural resources No. 162 of 03.24.2020

    Seven taimens bought a fisherman and was under investigation

    Criminal investigation officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the Noglik district as a result of operational and search activities identified a 36-year-old local resident suspected of acquiring water resources obtained by illegal means.

    New list of Red Book animals sent to Ministry of Justice

    The final version of the list of animals in the next edition of the Red Book of Russian Federation in the form of an order of the Ministry of Natural Resources has been sent for registration to the Ministry of Justice.

    13 taimens found by police in the apartment of the Sakhalin poacher

    The criminal investigation officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Noglik district as a result of operational and search activities have identified a local resident suspected of illegally catching red-book species.


    Happy New Year!

    Congratulations came on behalf of Mikhail Skopets. In the role of Santa Claus is Siberian taimen Hucho taimen, but in the modern edition of the Red Book of Russian Federation included the population of the Sakhalin Island where it may well live next to the Sakhalin taimen Parahucho perryi (populations of the Primorye region and Sakhalin region).

    Transfer to categoria 1 of Red Book

    We received the proposal of Olga Krever, Deputy Director of FSBU "Information and Analytical Center for Support of Reserve Business" Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

    Sabirov about taimen on the Dagi River

    During the Second Local History Readings of Memory of A. K. Klitin Rinat Nigmatzyanovich Sabirov, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Marine Geology of Geophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences, made a report "The State of Forest Vegetation of the Dagi River Basin."

    Composition of the commission on "red-book" updated

    The Ministry of Natural Resources announced the approval of the new composition of the Commission on Rare and Endangered Animals, Plants and Fungi. Its chairman was Amirkhan Amirkhanov, Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor.

    "Red-Book" species will try to protect the new law

    A law has been officially published to tighten liability for illegal extraction and trafficking of animal objects included in the Red Book

    New article of Michio Fukushima

    The journal Environmental Biology of Fisheries published new article by Michio Fukushima with co-authors "Anadromy sustained in the articulatively land-locked population of Sakhalin taimen in northern Japan" about the land-locked populations of Sakhalin taimen.

    Article in Japanese newspaper

    The Japanese newspaper Hokkaido Simbun published an article by Hosokawa Sinya

    Atlas "Fishes of Amur"

    In Vladivostok with assistance of WWF  the unique atlas of "Fish of Amur" was issued. Its edition became one of events of the International Year of the salmon.

    Next raid on the Nabil

    There was a message about the next joint raid on the Gulf Nabil and the rivers of PU FSB and "Sakhalin Environment Watch" flowing into it.


    According to Alexander Antonov (VNIRO Sakhalin branch), in the lower watercourse of Dolinka flowing into the Sea of Okhotsk to the north of Ochepukha spawning of the Sakhalin taimen is noted.

    Prepare new measures for protection of "Red Book" species

    The State Duma adopted in the first reading amendments to the Criminal code, toughening punishment for catch of "Red Book" water bioresources.

    On the website of TIC

    Article "Tsar Fish of Sakhalin Rivers" adapted from publications on the website about Sakhalin taimen is posted on the website of State Budgetary Institution Sakhalin Tourist Information Centre (TIC).

    Salmon Game

    The Sakhalin regional public organization Bumerang Club developed and made a series of board local history games ("Zoo-pathfinder", "Sea friends", "Reserved territories", "The Sakhalin geographical lotto", "Hide-and-seek with animals" and others).

    New tenders for creating of refuges

    Court for catch of 23 taimens

    There was a message about the trial of the resident of Sakhalin who caught 23 Sakhalin taimens , fall of 2018  in the lake Tunaicha which took place in Korsakov.

    For "Red Book" species will add prison term

    The bill of toughening of punishment for illegal catch and turn of especially valuable species of the wild animals and water bioresources included in the Red List is introduced to the State Duma.

    Mikhail Skopets's seminars

    This winter ichthyologist, specialist in sports fishing and fishing tourism Mikhail Skopets holds seminars on "Taimens: biology, catching, protection". Seminars are intended for the tour operators offering fishing tours, guides and also for all fans of catching on artificial fly.

    Seminars take place with assistance of Russian Salmon non-profit

    Natural park will be!

    Sergey Makeev and Mikhail Skopets visited the deputy minister of forest and hunting economy of the Sakhalin region Dudarev D. V. At a meeting there was also a head of department of OOPT Chernyavskaya E.G.

    First serious scientific work about Sakhalin taimen

    The very first serious scientific work about Sakhalin taimen, except for fragmets in lists of fishes of Berg (1916, 1948), Taranets (1937)? Nikolsky (1950) is found and posted on the website in the section "Reports".

    How river is arranged

    One more news from Mikhail Skopets. He posted on his website a handbook on water ecology "How river is arranged".

    Taimen - on a Fly!

    Mikhail Skopets placed invitation on workshop-presentation "Catching of taimen by flyfishing".

    Sakhalin woman posted online the announcement of taimen sale

    The police investigative department on Korsakov brought criminal case concerning the local resident who is suspected of commission of the crime provided by the point "b" of Part 2 of Article 258.1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation.

    "Habitat" program

    The subject of preservation of gray whales and Sakhalin taimen is covered in the special program of OTV "Habitat".

    Skull of the Sakhalin taimen

    Skull of the Sakhalin taimen necessary for archeoichtyologists  to define its remains in shell’s  heaps at ancient settlements.

    Poaching on the wintering pools

    There comes the period of illegal fishing of taimen on the wintering pools.

    Meeting of the WEG 27 November, 2018

    On November 27, 2018 in the Big Hall of the Sakhalin Government  there took place the regular meeting of the Working expert group on a biodiversity (WEG).

    Dachshunds for calculation of the damage

    The resolution of the  Russian Federation Government of November 3 No. 1321 approved dachshunds for calculation of the extent of the damage caused to water biological resources.

    Taimen of Sandy lake

    In one of social networks the photo caught in the lake Sandy (Kunashir Island) of Sakhalin taimen is placed.

    Taimen in Nituy River

    Information on presence of mass  Sakhalin taimen juveniles  in the lower Nituy River has arrived (in Makarov's district).

    About taimen on the meeting of Rosrybolovstvo

    Interregional meeting of Rosrybolovstvo on preservation of water bioresources and the environment of their dwelling, including control and supervising functions, in the Far East fishery basin has taken place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

    Sloat Named National Geographic Explorer

    Dr. Mathew Sloat and taimen conservation supported by National Geographic Society.

    Article in the collection of scientific conference

    November 7-8, 2017 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there has taken place the scientific conference "The Current State and the Prospects of Development of Salmon Economy in the Russian Far East".

    Responsibility for sale of valuable wild animals is toughened

    The federal  law of June 27 "About introduction of amendments to the Criminal Code of  Russian Federation and the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russian Federation" has made amendments which concern improvement and strengthening of criminal liability for a number of ecological crimes.

    Siberian taimen on Tugur river

    According to Mikhail Skopets fishing expedition has conducted on Tugur.

    Simposyum in Sarufutsu

    Symposium devoted to the Sakhalin taimen – Ito  there has passed In the settlement of Sarufutsu on the northeast coast of Hokkaido Island.

    Poachers on the Nabil’

    As a result of joint security actions of the Sakhalin Border Service and "Sakhalin Environmental Watch”  the group of the poachers who have caught 34  Sakhalin taimen in the Gulf Nabil’ is detained.

    Wild ID Program

    The Wild Salmon Center has suggested to begin the program of studying of populations of the Siberian taimen in the key rivers of Far East (Tugur, Bichi, Pilda, Koppi) with use of modern technologies of tracking of individual animals for a long time.

    Kaluga and taimen in cafe

    In Okha's cafe "Astoria" police officers have found in the freezer 60 kg of Kaluga meat and the Sakhalin taimen weighing 12 kg.

    Project of the famous flyfisherman

    On Sakhalin, Mikhail Borisovich Skopets, Ph.D., master of fly fishing, author of numerous publications, visited the "Taimen Conservation Program" supported by the non-commercial partnership "Russian Salmon".

    Taimen of the Vavay Lake

    It appears on the Vavay Lake there is a lot of Sakhalin taimen!

    Question to Putin

    The question is sent to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the Jine 5 - World Environment Day via the website of "Straight line".

    On the hatchery conference

    Scientific conference "Artificial Reproduction of Pacific Salmons in the Far East of Russia" there has taken place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on May 29-30.

    Report of Sakhalin Taimen Conservation Section on the REG 05.25.2018

    21th meeting of Working Expert Group on biodiversity of Interdepartmental Ecological Council of Sakhalin region have taken place in the Small Hall of Administration of Sakhalin region.

    Taimen in the list of anadromous fishes

    At the end of 2017 at a meeting of the biological section FGBNU VNIRO the recommendation for FGBNU "TINRO-center" is made to prepare biological justification on an exception of  taimen from  list of anadromous species of fish approved by the order of Rosrybolovstvo from 2.26.2009 with No. 147.

    6000 eggs of Sakhalin taimen have put at the Okhotsk hatchery

    Six thousand eggs of Sakhalin taimen have put on May 16 at the Okhotsk hatchery, reports a news topic  of "Sakhalin" TV company. Before within a month ichthyologists leading by chief ichthyologist Igor Bobrov from Sakhalin branch Federal State Budgetary Institution Glavrybvod have caught 2 females and 11 males of rare fish in the Tunaicha Lake.

    On the EcoCoincil 04.27.2018

    On April 27 at the regular meeting of Ecological Council of Sakhalin the report prepared by D.V. Lisitsyn and S.S. Makeev "About measures for conservation of Sakhalin taimen" was heard.

    Institute of public inspectors on environmental protection is created

    The Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Russian Federation of July 12, 2017 No. 403 "About the statement of an order of the organization of activity of public inspectors on environmental protection" is approved and signed.

    About compensation actions

     Meeting on the consolidated position of holding compensation actions has taken place in SakhNIRO.

    Booklets "We Will Keep the Sakhalin Taimen!"

    Two types of booklets devoted to preservation of disappearing Sakhalin taimen are released with assistance of the LLC Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegaz company.

    The newest method of monitoring

    To Hokkaido have begun to apply a modern method of monitoring of rare species of animals – ecodNA (eDNA, environmental DNA).

    New measures against poachers will be estimated by deputies

    The bill toughening criminal penalty for illegal cath and trade in water bioresources and other animals is introduced to the State Duma. Punishment for purchase and sale of "Red Book" species on the Internet is prescribed.

    About expansion of network of reserved territories

    The Ministry of forest and hunting economy of the Sakhalin region has placed the message about expansion of the existing network of especially protected natural territories.

    Nature Park on the Ainskoe Lake

    There was a message about the next project of Ministry of forest and hunting economy of the Sakhalin region: 

    Justifications for creation of two salmon refuge are prepared

    On the round table organized by Public chamber of the Sakhalin region and devoted to utilization of petrowaste the message about advance of work on justification of the new especially protected natural territories was heard: 

    Deputy Georgy Karlov has caught and released of the Sakhalin taimen

    It is known that for advance of flagship symbol it is useful to find some famous media person.

    Expeditoin on Nabil'

    In October experts from SakhNIRO conducted an expedition down the river Nabil' with assistance of LLC Gazprom dobycha Shelf.

    December 19 - Sakhalin Taimen Day

    Today the press release is widespread on news agencies of the Far East.

    Public lecture "Waterways of Sakhalin  island: life in fluid water"

    The public lecture of V.S. Labay "Waterways of Sakhalin  island: life in fluid water" has taken place on November 29 in the Sakhalin regional museum.

    20th meeting of Working expert group on biodiversity

    On November 28 in the Small Hall of the Sakhalin region Government 20th meeting of Working expert group on biodiversity at Ecological Council of Sakhalin region has taken place.

    Live pride of Sakhalin

    On November 9 at the Regional local history conference VII Ryzhkovsky readings the report "Live pride of Sakhalin" was heard.

    Makeev's interview to newspaper "Znamya truda"

    On November 2  the big interview of S.S. Makeev "Taimen - a brand of Nogliksky district" is published in the newspaper of Nogliksky district Znamya Truda.

    On Sakhalin create two wildlife areas for protection of salmon

    Salmon crisis has unexpectedly led to new opportunities - the regional power has paid attention to what was offered 10 years ago.

    On Sakhalin create two wildlife areas for protection of salmon.

    Sakhalin taimen - is brand of Nogliksky district

    During another trip to Nogliksky district in library the meeting with the active public of the area is held.

    Leflet for amateur fishers

    During another trip to Nogliksky district on the project of preservation of Sakhalin taimen, on the rivers of the area among amateur fishers the laminated leaflet was distributed.

    Ecologists are concerned by scales of illegal trade on the Nabil’ Rive

    Ecologists are concerned by scales of illegal trade on the Nabil’ River

    To the V All-Russian Congress of environment protection

    The offer on inclusion in the resolution of V All-Russian Congress of environment protection a question of development and acceptance of  Sakhalin taimen Conservation Strategy is sent to Department of Federal Nature Management Supervision Service (Rosprirodnadzor) across the Sakhalin region.

    Andrzei Witkovsky died

    The sad message has come from Poland - Andrzej Witkovsky has died on September 27.

    Sakhalin taimen on Igrivaya river

    During the joint Russian-Japanese expedition on studying of fish fauna of the South of Sakhalin, on September 28, 2017 in the river Igrivaya (Korsakovsky district) the juvenile of the Sakhalin taimen is found.

    Poster at the Karelian conference

    The international conference "Salmonid: biology, protection and reproduction" (18.09 - 9/22/2017, Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia) has just ended.

    To find hero!

    During the expedition to Nogliksky district during trade of chum salmon one fisherman has shown the video topic shot with phone how other fisherman releases of quite large taimen.

    A new article about Sakhalin taimen

    Big article about application of the latest methods in studying of behavior endangered species appeared in the Japanese English-language scientific magazine Ichthyological Research (Honda et al., 2017).

    Tender of Gazprom dobycha shelf

    In August LLC Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk announced the tender for development and realization of actions for conservation and restoration of Sakhalin taimen population of the Nabil' River. In the technical project it was quite strange to see things which should be carried out within a year, and term was allotted only 3 months until the end of year.

    Taimen of the Ainu lake

    In the center of Krasnogorsk village of Tomarinsky district the banner on behalf of Tomarinsky prosecutor's office explaining responsibility for catching of Sakhalin taimen hangs.

    Taimen of the Northwest of Sakhalin

    New information on condition of populations Sakhalin and Siberian taymens in the Northwest - in the region with the richest freshwater fish fauna on Sakhalin is obtained.

    Offers in the Russian Popular Front

    RPF can't be risen to the burning issue of poaching long ago. Recently in the Sakhalin office of the Front our proposals on the anti-illegal program with use of an image of the Sakhalin taimen are submitted.

    Results of joint raid

    n the middle of June information on the first joint raid on protection of Sakhalin taimen on the Nabilsky gulf has made a noise.

    Correspondence with Sakhalin Agency on tourism

    The proposal on development of tourist capacity of the Sakhalin region is submitted to Agency.

    About regional program of Sakhalin taimen conservation

    To protect Sakhalin taimen on Sakhalin impossible?

    Heading in "Provincial sheets"

    Since the end of May on pages of the regional newspaper "Gubernskiye Vedomosti" ("fatty" appears every Thursday) the heading "We Will Keep the Sakhalin Taimen"

    Working expert group on a biodiversity
    Working expert group on a biodiversity

    The meeting of this group at Ecological Council of Sakhalin region has taken place still on May 19, but only the resolution has been finally agreed with recommendations recently.

    Website "Sakhalin taimen in XXI century" has created

    At last we can report about beginning of work of the new website devoted to pride of our nature – Sakhalin taimen.