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    Catch-and-release principal

    Gennady Yuryevich Zharkov, President of the Noncommercial  Partnership “Russian Salmon” about the catch-and-release principle:

    Simpatry of Sakhalin and Siberian taimens

    The rivers of Sakhalin Northwest - the only thing in the world the place of simpatry Sakhalin and Siberian taimens.

    National names

    The Sakhalin Ainu called the Sakhalin taimen of "Chirai", Hokkaido - "Obirame", Nivkhs - "Goy", Japanese - "Ito".


    Sakhalin taimen is among very active species of fish making repeated migrations between various water ecosystems.

    Age of maturing

    The important characteristic influencing viability of populations of Sakhalin taimen is the age of maturing and the first spawning of individuals.

    Historical area of Sakhalin taimen

    Modeling of historical distribution of the Sakhalin taimen is in detail considered in article published in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society magazine (Fukushima et al., 2011).

    Favourite habitats of Sakhalin taimen

    It is noticed that the steadiest populations of Sakhalin taimen are dated for river basins with big areas of lakes, lagoons and estuaries.

    Tragedy of Sakhalin taimen

    Scientists have found out that populations even of the neighboring rivers can differ considerably from each other genetically as the taimen in most cases doesn't come into "others" river.

    Sakhalin taimen - K-strategist

    Among animals natural selection in the course of evolution happens on one of two possible scenarios, or strategy.

    Ecological forms of Sakhalin taimen

    On all area the Sakhalin taimen has 3 ecological forms:

    What is "Amur taimen"?

    On the western coast of Sakhalin often you can hear from amateur fishers that here also some "Amur" taimen meets, and it not Red Book Sakhalin and therefore it can be caught.

    The largest taimen

    The most different values of the maximum length and weight of the Sakhalin taimen appear in different papers.

    Hucho or Parahucho?

    The name Hucho perryi has for a long time got accustomed, some use it still. But how Parahucho has appeared?

    Scientific name

    As it is known that in the world of nature from the middle of 18th century it is accepted to give binomial names: name of genus and name of species (italics) in Latin, and then a surname of the author and year of first deion.

    Discover history

    Sakhalin taimen Parahucho perryi Brevoort, 1856 is described by American ichthyologist James Brevoort in 1856.